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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happy Anniversary

20 years ago yesterday my fiance picked me up and we drove to the Salt Lake Temple together and were married for Time and all Eternity.  What a wonderful day we had together with family and friends.  Mike has made sure every year we celebrate our anniversary.  We have learned so much about each other through the years but, I am still learning every day.  I did not know that my husband absolutely loved Tang as a kid until I brought a can home from Costco and he thought I was the bomb-diggity-dog. 

Yesterday morning I was working in my office and my son Cotton brought in this beautiful bouquet of 20 red roses that Mike had sent me.  I felt like a special gal and all the flighty feelings that I felt during our engagement came to me.  How fun is that?

Later we went to dinner together and were planning on a movie but, we both were dead on our feet tired.  So we came home and cuddled and watched INTERVENTION.  Good times.  I love you Mike and I am so glad you chose me.