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Friday, June 3, 2011

Class of 2011

Today our oldest son Cotton graduated fro Lehi High School.  440 students received diplomas.  My heart felt huge in my chest during the ceremony as memories of the past 18 years played in my mind and I caught myself smiling, giggling and tearing up thinking of this young man.

Mike snapped this photo of Cotton pretending to stumble as he entered in by the large L for Lehi (Blurry due to Cotton being a goof). 

Pure JOY!

Proud Mama.

Four handsome men.

Grandma and Grandpa Fraughton.
Congratulations Cotton!  Can't wait to see what you are when you grow up.  I love you.

Field trip

I took a field trip with my parents to visit Heber City Cemetery, Francis Cemetery, Woodland Cemetery and see where my Papa (Grandpa Fraughton) was born.  I loved hearing stories from my dad about family members he and I haven't met because they had passed before either of us were born.

This is my Great, great, great Grandma Skog's headstone in Heber.  She Came to New York City on a ship with 2 of her daughters, one was buried at sea.  Grandma Skog left her husband and sons for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and her husband disowned her.  I have seen a picture of her and I have always looked at that picture at my parent's home and felt close to her.  She came to Salt Lake with the Witt (spelling?) handcart company.  What a pioneer.

This engraving of the Salt Lake Temple was on a headstone near Grandma Skog and I love the line of daisies above.

I spied this sweet bird on another headstone and fell in love with it.  I am requesting a bird on my stone when that day comes.  Off subject, I walk each morning in the Lehi cemetery and there is a large headstone that I see and giggle inside because there is a picture of a sewing machine on the front of it.  The lady must have really loved sewing!  I love to sew too, but I am requesting a bird. 

Look at my cute mom.

We also visited Woodland Cemetery, this is where Grandma Skog's daughter Christine is buried.  I have seen her picture and she was beautiful, she had crystal blue eyes like my Papa, dad, and my son Tristan have. 

Just before we turned to go up the hill to the cemetery in Woodland we drove past the home where my Papa was born.

Papa was born in this room behind the window.  The window has been updated since.  Another bird!

This beautiful tree sits to the side of Papa's house and I can see him as a small boy climbing and playing in this tree.

Daffodils at the Woodland Cemetery.

J.J. who ate deer poop at the Woodland Cemetery and later threw up said deer poop on the way home.  Bless his deer poop breath heart.
Thank you mom and dad for taking me with you on the field trip.  I loved it, except for the throw up.