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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Eagle project and jalapeno jelly

Hope your weekend is turning out to be everything you hoped it would be. This is a picture taken last Thanksgiving at the Draper, Utah temple. Poor baby Jesus and his parents went through an incredibly windy winter with no shelter to protect them from the elements... brrrr!

Cotton is beginning his Eagle project. Here is the beginning of what will be a stable for the nativity at the Draper temple. More to come on this project later.

Mike brought in jalapenos this morning and I made yummy jelly tonight. Can't wait to have this poured over cream cheese with wheat thins to dip in and munch. Tomorrow I believe we shall have Jalapeno poppers courtesy of the Pioneer Woman Cooks Cookbook. Ay-chihuahua! Somebody call 911!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I did it!

I did it! I survived a summer with three teenage boys. This morning I took pictures of my three sons as they went on their merry way back to class. Justus is in the 8th grade this year. He is quite tall and has discovered cowboy boots this summer. What a handsome bloke.

Cotton is a senior in high school this year and I felt a little angst knowing this will be the last time I take his picture on the first day of school. The majority of classes he is taking are music and as you can see he has his trumpet which he has sentimentally named 'Afton' after his great-grandmother in hand ready to face the senior world.

All I can say about this young man is HANDSOME! Tristan is a sophomore at Lehi high and I felt a little nervous this morning because I could tell he was a little nervous. He and Cotton just came home for lunch and I am happy to report that Tristan is no longer nervous and I can tell he will be just fine.
I love my boys mucho and I have a smile on my face as I type about them. They make me laugh, they make me cry, and they make me grateful for the opportunity I have to be their mom.

Friday, August 13, 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

We finally have a red tomato today! Hundreds of green tomatoes, I can't wait to have enough to start canning them.

I canned for the first time this summer last night. Love it.

Mike roasted the Anaheim peppers while reading a book and he was in Heaven! Smelled so yummy.

Again, bloom where you are planted.

I love my husband. He is my best friend. He takes such good care of our boys and me. These pictures were taken by him last night and I love looking at the pictures he takes and being able to see beauty in his pictures. Wow, I am blessed! Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Baby Boy Blankie

I have a neighbor who I visit taught for a couple of years and really enjoyed getting to know her. She has a daughter who is going into 5th grade and yesterday she had a sweet baby boy! What a great excuse to sew a baby boy blankie!

Had to sneak in the sunflower pic - Bloom where you are planted baby!

Can't wait to see the fresh baby boy straight from Heavenly Father. Turtles + baby boy = so sweet!

Monday, August 2, 2010



Sunday, August 1, 2010

2010 INTENSITY Scentsy convention

Wednesday, July 28 - 30, 2010 was Scentsy's annual convention. I attended this convention and I absolutely loved every minute of it (except for waiting in line with 6,500 other consultants)! I was impressed at how organized and how smoothly every thing went, Scentsy did an amazing job. these pics are entered in this post from last to first, I NEVER remember from post to post how to enter them correctly to show the order that I want. Anyway, the following pictures are ones of some of the people that I have met through Scentsy. Enjoy!

This cute gal has nothing to do with Scentsy. Her name is Rose and she was our waitress at Bubba Gump's on our final evening in Denver. I put a smile on her finger and now we are friends on Facebook. She was being a little bit of a stinker with our group and instead of letting her know that she was #1 I made her smile. Amazing what a Sharpie can do.

This is my friend Amanda, we met at Director retreat in January and we both presented at the Scentsy World Tour last May in Salt Lake. She is a wonderful gal to know!

This is beautiful, Stephanie, she is pregnant with her 3rd child. I was excited to see her at the airport and we posed together for this pic at the reception before awards night. Steph is strikingly beautiful and I am blessed to know her.

Here is Jon who is employed by Scentsy. He is over communications and I consider him my big Scentsy brother. He has brought to Scentsy amazing ideas and he makes me laugh!

Shut up! This Michelle from Nevada. We met in 2009 at Director Boot Camp. We have giggled together until tears have formed in our eyes! She is amazing and kind.

This picture includes Lindsay, Jaqui, Tanya, Annette, and Crystal. These consultants are on my friend Tanya's team and the are very entertaining. My favorite thing about Scentsy is that ANYONE can sell Scentsy, you do not have to look a certain way, wear certain clothes, or act like someone you are not. You can be authentic. Love these women.

Here I am with my roomies and Amanda Gore who was a presenter at convention. We stood in line to purchase her book - The Gospel of Joy -. Amanda is from New Zealand and everyone loved her message. She taught us the Sharpie smile on the finger, "Hello!"

Sweet, sweet Joy! I didn't get to visit with her until the last evening. She is so funny and has a kind heart.

Gina, Andrea, JoDee and Cristy. These are the consultants on my team that attended convention. They are all related - two pairs of sisters and all are cousins. They have attended every convention for the past 3 years. They wore the hats I made and I didn't hear one complaint!

Katie, Jess, and Dannette. As Superstar directors we put together a meet and greet for our groups with door prize drawings, awards, instruction and recognition, there were 120 and then some consultants who showed up. This was alot of work but it was successful and a wonderful opportunity to connect with our groups before convention began.

Here are Crystal and Lindsay. Annette calls them the babies, because they are young and full of energy! They kept me laughing. In my group Crystal is like a great-grand daughter and Lindsey is like a great, great-grand daughter to me.

Here is my friend Jen. I have known her through Scentsy for just over 2 years. I believe we are kindred spirits. She is thoughtful, shy and kind.
There were so many other consultants who attended that I did not have an opportunity to share here. Suzanne, Julie, Wendy, Karen, Erva and her team and others too. Love them all so very much and consider them my Scentsy family. What an amazing company! Wait until you see what is coming from Scentsy in September!